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Who can we help with fingerprinting service?

Juris Biometrics is here to help those companies and individuals who need to determine and/or confirm identification, criminal history, and references.   More often these days, employers are are required by  federal or state regulations to conduct fingerprint background checks on prospective employees before hiring.  In other instances, employers independently choose  to check an individual's background because they want ensure the safety of the company, other employees, and their customers.    Many professions require background check before a prospective candidate can be licensed.  Whatever the reason, Juris Biometrics takes pride in being able to assist  employers in their efforts to  keep the workplaces safe.

Who can Juris Biometrics perform Background Checks for ?
  • Juris Biometrics performs screening for  banks, health professions, pharmacies, and many federal and State of Illinois departments
  • Family members who want to hire a caregiver for their parents or children.
  • Any person who works in the capacity of caring for or are involved in the career that deals with minor, the elderly, and who might be a part of the vulnerable population.
  • Those who work in law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and hospitals.
  • Those looking to apply for  real estate appraiser, loan officer, or mortgage broker.
  • Those who are looking to be licensed as a nurse, veterinarian, chiropractor, acupuncturist, anesthesiologist, optometrist, and funeral director.
  • Those prospective employees whose job involve handling or transporting of hazardous waste, chemical, or explosive .

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